Samurai Hardtop Installation Instructions

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1. Remove Softtop.

2. Remove plastic strip on top of the windshield.

    Remove strip.

3. Check roll cage for square. Measure on diagonal. If it is out of square then loosen the Phillips bolts on top, underneath, and on sides of cars sheet metal roll cage. Adjust for square and then re-tighten bolts. When top is placed on car it will fit evenly over roll cage. If not, then readjust the roll cage as required.

4. Some cars have rear handles. You may either remove them or cut flange to fit around them.

5. Back off the rear bolts attaching rear roll bar struts on either side of car.

6. Insert angle bracket including attaching bolt between the roll bar strut and car body. Reattach roll bar struts.

    Insert angle bracket.

7. Attach front mounts on either side of windshield corner brackets, over top of brackets. DO NOT SNUG BOLTS YET. (If bolts are too short the seat belt plastic cover bolts behind seats are longer - interchange them).
    Attach front mounts.

8. Place top on car. Check gap above doors. If required place self adhesive strips on flat surface of frame above either door.

9. Align front mounts (from step 7) to roof bolts and then snug the bolts. They should now be permanently in place.

10. Place washers over all bolts under plastic knobs. Round knobs on front, smaller four cornered knobs on rear. Tighten as required, but not over tight.

    Place washers over all bolts and tighten knobs.

11. Place small black plastic sleeves over front bolt exposed threads.

Thank You - Enjoy Your New Top