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A Hardtop for the 1982 - 1995 Samurai. Also fits SJ410 and SJ413

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deluxe suv hardtops

Give your Samurai a new Hardtop in 5 minutes. This removable Samurai Topper provides convenience, security, comfort, and is affordable too.


$1295.00 Cad.


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Standard Pricing Includes

  • Large windows of clear tempered shatterproof glass results in a safe unobstructed view.

  • Sliding side windows have bug screens.

  • Concealed ventilation ports provide balanced air circulation and frost free windows.

  • Concealed fasteners and special mildew resistant carpet lining provide interior comfort and great looks.

  • Standard Color is white or black gelcoat fiberglass. We do offer a custom 2 stage base/clear automotive paint process of black or desired color. For customer satisfaction, we prefer the base/clear paint for a long lasting durable finish. And we offer this at 50% off of the regular cost.

Option Prices

Tinted Glass:

$50.00 Cdn.


$235.00 Cdn.

Custom Color:

$150.00 Cdn.

Roof Racks:

$200.00-$275.00 Cdn.

Rear Wiper Washers:

$225.00 Cdn.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Orders are not refundable unless arrangements are made in writing prior to ordering.

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