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A Hardtop for the 1982 - 1995 Samurai. Also fits SJ410 and SJ413

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Unique and high quality construction methods give our Samurai top extra strength and superb insulating qualities.

The hardtop is designed to drop over existing softtop hardware making it easy to install and remove as desired. Change from a softtop to hardtop in just 5 minutes.

construction design profile

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By combining state of the art manufacturing techniques from the automotive, aircraft, and marine industries our top boasts a light weight to strength ratio honeycomb type tricell sandwich construction. This results in superior strength, durability, and insulating qualities. The acoustical properties of the top are also enhanced thus practically eliminating wind and other outside noises. The top provides an excellent temperature insulator for heat and cold so you can be cool in the heat of summer and warm and toasty in the winter. Concealed ventilating ports provide balanced air circulation for comfort and frost free windows.

canopy inner view

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Standard model cartops come with full mildew resistant lining. Two heavy duty forward inner mounting clips, seen above the windshield, are easily secured and then concealed out of view by the vehicle's sun-visors.

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