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Hardtops for 1982-2003 Sport Utility Vehicles

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deluxe suv hardtops

Give your Sports utility vehicle a "Hardtop" in 5 minutes. This new removable "Hardtop" is convenient and affordable too. Check out the quality features and options that make our one and two piece Hardtops unique.

toppers custom painted


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Sun Roof  Tilt up or removable style manufactured from glass. The sun roof is a popular option with our Hardtops. Even with sun roof open you are still able to carry gear on roofracks.

Roof Racks  Unique "CARTOP" manufacturing tecniques results in stronger more durable hardtops for transporting sports equipment such as thule ski boxes or camping gear such as tents. Now you can take your friends with you because your gear is on top of the vehicle.

The removable "Hardtop" can be stored on the rear top roof rack of the 1999 to 2004 Two Piece Tops.

Rear Window Wiper Washer  Both the 1999 to 2003 Two Piece Tops and the 1982 to 1998 One Piece Tops offer a rear window "wiper washer". The Complete Kit includes wash bottle, wiring, switches, and quick disconnect for removing Hardtop from the car.

Custom Color  Standard Color is white or black gelcoat fiberglass. We do offer a custom 2 stage base/clear automotive paint process of black or desired color. For customer satisfaction, we prefer the base/clear paint for a long lasting durable finish. And we offer this at 50% off of the regular cost.


sunroof canoes and sport gear



vitara sun roof ski boxes for winter sports
custom installed sunroofs carry sailboards for summer fun


profile hard-top with rack

Our manufacturing methods allow our
tops to carry loads with Roof Racks.

Hardtops by Cartops

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