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***And It's Still A Convertible***
Removable HardTops For 1982-2001 Sport Vehicles
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roof racks carry your sail board or 
equipment for summer fun strong enought to carry your 
boat strong enough to carry ski carriers and 
Load Your Toys On Top and Your Friends Inside

factory or aftermarket tilt or removable 
sunroof option Have the warmth and comfort of an insulated 
hard-top and stll have a convertible.sunroof on blue suv
Open the Tilt-Up or removable Sunroof

See the Before & AfterSITE black and white tops Samurai with black or custom colors

2 piece hardtop1 piece cartop auto accessory

custom colorsCUSTOM COLORS

white vehicle black or custom colorsWindowsrear view with large windowrear view with open rear window
�Views showing large 31% tempered shatterproof glass windows and back glass tailgate views


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Honey Comb Type Tricel Sandwich Construction results in
superior acoustics and temperature control

honey-comb-type tricel carpet lined 
fiberglass construction for strength, accoustics and insulationimage shows interior carpet lining and front 
latches for quick installation
Special Carpet Lining and concealed latches result in neat appearance


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