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Hardtops for 1999-2003 Sport Utility Vehicles

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deluxe suv hardtops

CARTOPS presents a new 10 year break thru with TWO PIECE HARDTOP designs for Vitara and new Tracker. Changes from Softtop to load-bearing Hardtop in only 5 minutes. Simply drop the new Hardtop over existing Softtop hardware.

Check out the quality features, construction methods, and options that make our Hardtop unique.

vitara in blue with black hardtop

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Standard Hardtops Include

  • Large windows of tempered shatterproof glass results in safe unobstructive view. 31% tinted windows are standard features.

  • Concealed ventilation ports provide balanced air circulation and frostfree windows.

  • High strength to weight ratio using a combination of techniques from the automotive, aircraft, and marine industries, results the in ability to carry loads on Roof Racks.

  • Road and wind noises are drastically cut. With our honeycomb type sandwich construction acoustics for your stereo or conversation are noticeably improved as an added bonus. See Construction for the unique techniques used for insulation and water-tightness.

  • Concealed fasteners and full mildew resistant lining provide interior comfort and great looks.

  • Removable top stores easily.

  • Standard Color is white or black gelcoat fiberglass. We have other colors, options, and features such as rear washer/wipers, tilt-up or removable sunroofs, and roof racks.

silver suv white hard-top convertible


white hard-top converted convertible


open rear window black top on red suv


custom paint

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